Thunderbird Model RR Club Operations
2012 AZ State Fair

The heat of summer broke and welcomed the opening day of the 2012 AZ State Fair with temperatures in upper 70's.  The threat of possible light showers cleared out in the early hours of the day leaving guest at the Fair with blue skies and marshmallow clouds  floating slowly overhead.  Members of the club arrived early to remove the security barriers that normally block the windows, allowing guest the opportunity to stand in the shade of the grandstands and relax as they watch the activity on the layout..

During the fair, club members load up the rails with their favorite equipment so it is not uncommon to see a vintage steam locomotive waiting on a siding as a modern diesel roars past. The club also uses this time during the Fair to break the layout into 3 loops instead of the point to point operation we usually run. This allows us to increase the traffic on the layout so the young and young-at-heart won't need to wait at a window long before something new comes into view.  See if you or your little one can find the Incredible Hulk - he's there right in plain site!   

We will feature new pictures and videos from the fair each week, placing the newest items first. So come on back to this page and enjoy as our members showcase some of their finest equipment.


Week 4 of the AZ State Fair



A few pictures from the final week of the 2012 AZ State Fair.




Click to see Jon Wolfe's Pennsylvania #6755 pull a coal drag through Mogollon.

Click to see SP #4459 pass the Montezuma castle.

Click for more steam on running on the PT&A lines.

Click to see an ATSF freight pass the Pennsylvania coal drag.

Click to see ATSF double headed steam action.

Click to see Thomas make an appearance on the last Thursday of the fair.

Click to see Steam only on the last day of the 2012 AZ State Fair.

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