DCC Requirements

The Phoenix, Turnbow & Apache as well as the Mogollon & Western narrow gauge layouts are powered using the NCE Power Pro, Digital Command Control (DCC) system. DCC allows the operation of multiple trains on the layout without the necessity of block control wiring or the throttle of one locomotive interfering with the operation of another train on the layout. The club has a limited number of NCE Cabs available for use - members are encouraged to supply their own NCE Pro Cab or an NCE Power Cab.

A DCC system presents approximately 16 volts of constant power to the rails of the layout. The DCC signal is an alternating DC waveform, which contains digital information. This coded signal, generated at the throttle, is sent to a specific decoder installed in a specific locomotive allowing the locomotive to use as much of the available track voltage to control speed, headlights train direction and sound.  The incorporation of DCC allows locomotives that could not be run together on conventional DC wiring systems to run doublehead and in pusher service without one locomotive working to hard or not hard enough.

As designed, all locomotives on the layout must have a DCC decoder installed to operate on the layout. Many manufactures and choices are available all will work well on the layout providing they meet NMRA RP 9.x and Standards S-9.1 and S-9.2. Individuals that want more information about DCC should speak with their local hobby shop, talk to one of our club members and/or visit the DCC Pages at the NMRA website.