Couplers and Coupler Heights

Locomotives and rolling stock are to be equipped with Kadee or similar automatic couplers. An exception to this standard is allowed for special trains or consists that will never be exchanged with any other members or any of the clubs equipment (eg: Thomas the Tank Engine train, the "Hogwarts" train).

The coupler height and the glad hand height must conform to the Kadee coupler height gauge that is mounted on the DCC Programming track. the coupler may need adjustment to raise or lower the coupler. To raise the coupler, a) remove the truck and place a fiber washer(s) between the truck and the car underside or b) use a specialized underset shank coupler. To lower the coupler you will need to a) insert plastic shims between the coupler box and the car underside or b) use a specialized overset shank coupler offered by Kadee and other manufactures. To adjust the glad hand, carefully bend the glad hand in the indicated direction to insure proper clearance.

Couplers are also offered in short, medium or long shank configurations to adjust car body coupling distance.